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Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's a quarter after one...

Of course when I have to wake up in five hours I would be suddenly inspired for a blog posting. Alas, I'll keep it short.

I desperately wish I had some musical talent, or at least some lyrical genius.... Some form of talent that is raw and pure, resonating and perpetual. Something I could entertain everyone, everyone, and no one with until the day I die.

I suppose I shouldn't whine. God has bless me with many talents. I'm generally good with people. I'm a fairly decent public speaker. I have a certain way with animals. I learn quickly. I can play video games. I'm a good athlete and have developed excellent hand/eye coordination. I play collegiate softball and I've done fairly well in my career, but it's almost over. I can't keep playing forever; there's no time, place, or organization that allows average ex-college softballers to stick around and try their luck into their forties like there is for men's sports. Slow pitch just isn't the same. But I digress.

My point is that none of the talents I am presumed to have are stage-worthy. I won't be like Julie Andres or Willie Nelson, dazzling the silver screen until I can no longer make it to casting call or kicking out the footlights until my hands are so crippled with arthritis I can't pick my guitar.

But I used to OWN the stage. I must admit I have no qualms about being the center of attention. Perhaps I thrive on in? I used to sing in honor choir and church choir when I was younger. I got major parts in many of the school plays or holiday performances I did. There's a video that will probably be played at my wedding rehearsal dinner (God willing I even have a wedding) of me at 8 years old taking the mic from a resort band and singing and dancing to La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin in front of all the resort guests. I got a standing ovation. I even won a gold medal in my individual performance in figure skating when I was 10. Uh, what happened?

My singing voice died with puberty. I mean I can get through an average karaoke song in key but my voice just isn't pretty. Acting... I never had time for it and theater in high school always involved musicals and required actors who could actually belt it. I wish I could play an instrument but as the athlete I had to choose between flute lessons and volleyball practice (who wants to be a band nerd anyway?). And it's not as if I'm funny enough to be a comedian.

Maybe I'll learn to play piano. Hell, my little brother practically taught himself how to play guitar online. Still, if I ever had any inkling of a dream of being on a professional stage doing something, that shot is long gone.

Do they have red carpet award shows for doctors?


  1. I think you were blessed with an even greater gift than raw musical talent. You were given the mind, the determination, the focus, and the perseverance to make you a great doctor. Your red carpet is going to be walking up to those family members of your patient and letting them know you saved their life or made them feel better. They will appreciate your hard work more than any fan ever would. They won't just have a snap shot from a red carpet event but an ingrained image in their mind. Your stage is the exam room and you're going to own that stage.

  2. I appreciate that, a lot. It's encouragement like that that makes sure I don't just throw my hands up in exasperation and give up on working so hard.

  3. No matter what I say out of anger, what I posted on here is what I truly believe. I've told you before I have more faith in you than I have in myself. You're capable of anything you want and deserve everything you get. You don't know how to give up, you wouldn't be able to even if you really wanted to. Don't worry I'll make sure your practice has a legit sound system hooked up, so the exam room really can feel like a stage.